Visions of Wallingford

How does a neighborhood learn?

Wallingford is home to caring, thoughtful people who want to see our community thrive. Facing a deadly pandemic, we’ve mobilized ourselves to take care of each other, providing mutual aid, resources and information, and emotional support — demonstrating what a healthy and inclusive community can do. 

But like many neighborhoods across Seattle, Wallingford faces an uncertain future. Conversations around housing access and affordability have become contentious and charged. Climate change, once an indistinct threat on the horizon, has become a concrete and urgent problem we must address together.

Each one of us has a personal history of Wallingford — stories and experiences of the streets, parks, and businesses we visit regularly. And each one of us has a vision of what Wallingford could be. Too often though, these personal narratives stay private. Visions of Wallingford is a collaborative research & filmmaking project that surfaces the many stories and visions of Wallingford. Residents have led walking tours for their friends and neighbors, and compiled videos from their experiences into a documentary film. 

This project is funded in part through 4Culture and The Seattle Office of Arts & Culture.